Here is a snapshot of my professional background:

  • 7+ years at VC-backed startups (1 failed + 2 successful exits).
  • 5+ years at product innovation & design partners to corporate ventures/innovation & VC/PE-backed startups (many exited successfully), including product due diligence for VCs.
  • 2+ years as community builder in Copenhagen.
  • 4+ years as advisor.
  • MSc Engineering (Electronics/Materials) + Executive Educations (Negotiations, VC/PE/M&A).

In all my ventures / roles, I aim to move in the intersecting worlds of business, design, technology, following a few core principles:

  • RELATIONSHIP BUILDING – Authenticity. Trust. Hustle.
  • BUSINESS DESIGN – Design for viability, scalability & shareholder value.
  • DESIGN THINKING – Complex problem solving. Human-centred Scandinavian design with a pinch of I-did-not-see-that-coming.
  • LEAN STARTUP – Build. Measure. Learn.

Finally, something personal:

  • Married to Aram Ostadian-Binai, with whom I co-founded an amazing boy. We’re increasingly active as philanthropists, donating time and funds to social causes.
  • Lived in 7 countries (currently Copenhagen, Denmark). Traveled to 40.
  • “Navid” means good news, “Ostadian” means son of professor, and“Binai” means good sight :)


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